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The Breach Overview

The breach is the violation of our children's right to a safe time of developmental discovery of self, morality and the world around them from the authority of the family and their values. Repairing the Breach is an initiative to provide safe, moral, and educational activities for personal discovery for children ages 11-14. Through summer camp, sports and eventually family teaching rooted in proven biblical principals, our aim is to reduce the emotional responsive decision making and expressions that have jeopardized the mental, and physical well being of our children, families, and the community. 

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Get Involved

Anyone can partner with us from anywhere around the world starting at only five US dollars ($5). What you provide will go towards the:

  • 8-week summer camp scheduled for 2024

  • The coed flag football league projected to begin in 2025

  • The repair and modernizing of the host facilities 

Please select "Repairing The Breach" under the Fund dropdown menu when giving.

Get Involved
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